History of Box Hill School
First School Photo 1959

Box Hill School was founded in 1959 by Mr Roy McComish, a housemaster from Gordonstoun. The school follows the philosophy of Dr.Kurt Hahn, the founder of Gordonstoun in Scotland and Schuleschloss Salem in Germany, both sister schools of Box Hill School. Box Hill School is one of the seven founding members of the association of schools called Round Square, whose members (now 150) all have a shared belief in an approach to education based on the six IDEALS drawn from the educational ethos of Kurt Hahn, Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Whilst placing academic work at the heart of a school Hahn stressed the importance of all-round education as a preparation for life. He believed in confronting young people with challenges and responsibility at an early age. Central to Hahn's ethos is the spirit of ‘having a go’ whether it be doing one’s best in academic work, performing on stage, scaling the climbing wall, or taking part in expeditions at home or abroad.

The original school roll of twenty-three boarders and seven day pupils expanded quickly and new facilities were soon needed for the additional pupils. Some of these were provided by pupils who were involved in the construction!

While internationalism has always been important in the school’s life, it is also a local school and very much part of the village of Mickleham. Since the early days the school has expanded to just over 400 boys and girls with a third of them boarding. It has always enjoyed a good academic tradition based on small class sizes, a strong tutorial system and regular academic monitoring.

Offering the International Baccalaureate programme (IB) alongside A’Levels to its Sixth Form students the school maintains its emphasis on the education of ‘the whole person’.

Box Hill School’s current Headmaster is Mr Cory Lowde who was appointed in 2014. He succeeded Mr Mark Eagers (2003 – 2014) and Mr Rodney Atwood (1987 – 2003).
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